Art by Guido Borelli

Trained at Accademia Albertina in Turin, founded in 1672, Guido Borelli is one of Italy’s foremost artists.

His beautiful landscapes and streetscapes combine technical excellence with the vision of an artistic imagination that celebrates the world’s enduring love of Europe. Guido paints the Europe of our imagination and evokes memories of a magical European holiday. To see a Guido Borello image is to almost feel the heat of the Tuscan sunshine on your skin, smell the lavender in a provincial field, or step on an ancient cobble stoned street.

MONDO translates these idyllic images into high quality inks on soft canvas to create a truly beautiful canvas wall hanging.

“I am a true lover of nature and of everything gentle. My landscapes and houses combine reality and imagination. First, I store in my mind all views that I find interesting. Later, when I need a subject, those views resurface in my memory, and I paint what I selectively remember of them.” Guido Borelli

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