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About MONDO Large Wall Art prints

MONDO creates extra big, oversized wall art. All of our art prints are available in super size to add maximum impact to your space.

Printed on 100% soft cotton canvas, MONDO wall art has a luxurious, subtle mat texture and slimline profile. Supplied with a unique, easy to install hidden aluminium hanging rail, the canvas wall hanging sits almost flush with the wall. The effect is somewhere between a wall hanging and stretched canvas art prints– a pared down, slimline, minimalistic aesthetic that harmonises seamlessly with any decorating style.

Our unique hanging system

Your canvas wall art arrives complete with the aluminum rail attached ready to hang. The rail is elegantly unobtrusive and means your wall art is amazingly easy to install, and creates minimum damage to the wall.

Read more about our unique hanging system and canvas specification details >>>

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We think you’re going to love your wall art, but we offer an unconditional refund or replacement. If you aren’t happy with the quality of the product, please notify us within 14 days of receiving your order, and we will refund or replace it. Each and every order is personally handled by our local customer service team in the MONDO studio. You can directly contact the team member regarding your order. Find out more

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Interior decorating with large wall art

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  • Basic rules for hanging wall art

    What height should your wall art be? The first and most frequently broken rule is: NOT TOO HIGH. Ideally, the centre of the art piece should be approximately at eye level. More >

  • How to create maximum impact for minimum dollars with large wall art

    Large wall art adds drama, warmth and style to your interiors and creates that wow factor that makes a space uniquely yours. MONDO makes extra large wall hanging canvas prints big enough to fill your walls. More >

  • dramatic decorating

    Nothing creates impact and drama in an interior like the brave use of scale and proportion. A huge wall hanging, an oversize sofa, or a large lamp create a focal point for a room. Conversely, a small, precious object highlighted by lighting or isolated within a large surrounding space (think a small, framed object in the centre of a large feature wall) creates drama. More >

  • Scale and proportion is key

    Large wall art creates that magical dimension that goes beyond safe, suburban decorating and takes you into the realms of something special. More >

  • Color in wall art prints

    Your wall art should either harmonise and integrate with the rest of the room, or stand out as a stunning focal point. More >

  • It takes courage to create great interiors

    It's going that little bit overboard, decreasing the scale dramatically smaller or just that little bit larger than the average interior will - this helps create the extra edge of a great interior, taking it beyond bland and boring. More >

  • The magic of large wall art

    Scale and proportion is key to creating the sense of a perfectly balanced and professional interior when placing wall art. When wall art is too small for the space it’s intended to fill, the effect is timid and pedestrian. More >

  • Ideas for renters: personalise your rental with large wall art

    Large scale wall art can fill a room with your personality and make a rental feel like home. More >

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